Need a Break from Social Activism?

Look, I get it. Becoming conscious is hard. Nobody wants to be bombarded with social-activism drivel all the time; shit gets depressing and annoying.

Which is why satire has become the humor of choice for conscious social activists all over the interwebs (I see you, #BlackTwitter), lampooning ignorance with such bombast and chill-deficiency so that we can laugh instead of cry.

I love sharing these types of Shenanigans on-the-regular; so much in fact, that if I were to post them to the main Apolitically Incorrect Facebook page, they’d drown out the “serious” original pieces, which is no bueno.

So to prevent this, I’ve created a separate Facebook page entitled Apolitically Incorrect Shenanigans, which will be the home of all of the third-party memes that I share from the bowels of the internet:


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I also like to share shenanigans on my Instagram: @apolitically.incorrect



I hope you enjoy.

– X

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