Hello, and welcome to Apolitically Incorrect. To maintain a modicum of anonymity on the interwebs, I chose to forgo my “government name” and instead go by my “pornstar name” (i.e. “middle name” + “street I grew up”), which is Alexander Penobscot—or “Xander,” for short.

Before you read any other posts, I encourage you to read the following mini-autobiography to provide the proper context of where I’m coming from:


(Continued from Part 3: Xander Becomes “Woke”)

Part 4: About Apolitically Incorrect

So now that you know a little bit about me, let’s discuss what this blog is and will be:

Why Apolitically Incorrect?

I came up with the name Apolitically Incorrect because I have two gigantic problems with contemporary social and political discourse:

  • The two-party political system in America forces the American voter to choose the politician that is most likely to win that they disagree with least – Most of the time, the voter just votes along party-lines, despite the actual values of the candidate. This leads compromised values, both in voters and politicians alike.
  • People equate the calling-out of racism, white supremacy, micro-aggressions and other social injustices with “political correctness” – I hate political correctness, and truly believe that it is a cancer of society. But being offended is not the same as being oppressed, and does not automatically grant you special rights or privileges.

What this blog is:

  • A Macro-Scale Social-Commentary Blog I will be focusing my efforts mostly on systemic societal issues, not reaction pieces to the latest atrocities.
  • Opinion-Based – It is meant to be inflammatory; it’s also meant to be humorous and thought-provoking. If you agree with everything that is posted, then I’m not doing my job. I hope that it stirs up conversations about topics that you’ve never even thought about, and I hope you contribute.
  • Critical of All – No group is exempt from criticism
  • A Place for Shenanigans – I know, non-stop politics and social issues can get overwhelming, which is why I’ve created a separate page for Shenanigans, as well as a Facebook page specifically for (a)political humor and other shenanigans.

What this blog is not:

  • Journalism – it is opinion-based only.
  • Unbiased – While we’ll try to see everything from all sides, we will rely on your feedback in the comments.
  • A Micro-Scale Social Commentary Blog – At the rate social injustices are occurring against minorities in America, as a “part-time blogger” I would not be able to post reaction pieces fast enough to keep up. As I said before, my focus is on systemic societal issues, and if I’m able to post 1-to-2 times per week, I will consider that a victory.
  • Anti-Police ­There will be plenty of articles criticizing “bad” police officers as well as the police-state in general, but there will also be praise towards the “good” officers. I can be “pro-police officer” and “anti-police state” at the same time.

I plan to categorize the blog posts using—but not limited to—the following hashtags:

  • #RaceRelations – pretty self-explanatory
  • #WheresTheOutrage – for topics that would otherwise enrage an already numb society
  • #DearWhitePeople – because white people need to be called out on their ignorance, whether it’s their fault or not
  • #DearBlackPeople – because black people aren’t going to be excluded from criticism, either
  • #WhitePrivilege – you would think this is self-explanatory… or maybe you wouldn’t
  • #WheresMyTinFoilHat – some would call these “conspiracy theories” or paranoia; read at your own risk
  • #FoolishnessAndFuckery – because I’m not against having some fun

I encourage you to join the discussions. Please be sure to “like” the Apolitically Incorrect Facebook Page, and be sure to follow me on Twitter.

I look forward to hearing from you.

May our discourse always be civil, if not slightly petty and immature at times.

Xander Penobscot

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