Podcast: Recognizing my White Privilege

A white, atheist southerner from Macon, GA delivers an eye-opening sermon entitled: Recognizing My White Privilege (via the Southern Discomfort Show)

Southern Discomfort

As someone who grew up in Maryland, one of the more ethnically diverse states on the East Coast (at least near Baltimore & DC), most of the racism that you see or hear is of the inadvertent type (i.e. microaggressions). So when a follower of mine sent me a podcast of Matt Oxley, a white, atheist southerner who held a sermon on “White Privilege” at High Street Unitarian Universalist Church in Macon, GA, my interest was piqued, as you can imagine.

In this sermon, you can hear about how he:

  • Grew up with an overtly-racist grandmother
  • Realized his White Privilege at a young age
  • Recognized a racist double-standard when it came to the discipline of white and black students in his school
  • Is assumed to be tolerant of racism by other southerners, simply because of his skin tone and where he lives
  • Encourages everyone to ask hard questions of anyone that shares his identity (as a privileged, white male)

It is a bit long at 50 minutes total, but definitely worth listening to.

Listen to the podcast on The Southern Discomfort Show >>

(if you’re having trouble with the above link, here’s a direct link to the MP3)

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