Eric Garner

Why don’t “good” cops ever denounce “bad” ones?

As someone who grew up as the son of a veteran police officer, I have made the acquaintance-of and befriended many police officers over the years. With the exception of one now-former officer (who was found guilty in The Great Baltimore Towing & Kickback Scheme of 2011), I generally consider these police officers to be

Kwame Rose & Geraldo Rivera

Baltimore Activist Kwame Rose Arrested by Baltimore Police

For once, I’m going to break my promise to myself to not write reactionary pieces. Please share¬†this article, and donate to Kwame’s bail fund here. Yesterday, during protests outside of the pretrial motions for the six Baltimore Police officers (the “Baltimore Six”)¬†charged in the death of Freddie Gray, local Baltimore activist Kwame Rose was arrested

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