Screengrab from South Park's "The Death Camp of Tolerance"

“Tolerance” Sucks: Why it’s only a half-measure to a bigger problem

I despise the word “tolerance.” It feels like nothing more than a half-measure aiming for political correctness without tackling a much bigger problem. Why are people taught (or forced) to “tolerate” a person or group of people, when it’s clear that they still dislike, hate, or despise them?

Eric Garner

Why don’t “good” cops ever denounce “bad” ones?

As someone who grew up as the son of a veteran police officer, I have made the acquaintance-of and befriended many police officers over the years. With the exception of one now-former officer (who was found guilty in The Great Baltimore Towing & Kickback Scheme of 2011), I generally consider these police officers to be

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